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Meet the Winemakers of Allandale Winery.
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Alex Woods

Chief Winemaker & General Manager

Alex was born in England and moved to Australia permanently in January 2006 after living here for a period of time in 1997. Alex worked for an I.T. software company in England for 7 years as Key Accounts Project Manager. It slowly became clear to Alex that (apart from the money) this was a futile experience and needed remedying. Coincidently around the same time it also became clear that moving to the other side of the world to make wine made infinitely more sense and so the decision was made.

Alex joined Allandale Winery in November 2006 while studying a full time Diploma in Viticulture for Winemaking, and became Allandale’s third ever Chief Winemaker & General Manager in November 2023.

He has spent time travelling extensively through wine regions in South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Central Otago, New Zealand and Napa Valley, California. Alex’s beliefs are centred on state-of-the-art technology, traditional methods, and sourcing the best fruit you can get your hands on.